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WHF Santo Spirito ‘Spike’

WHF Santo Spirito ‘Spike’

WHF Santo Spirito – Spike, has begun his career under saddle and successfully competing at EvA 95. On the ground he is a beautifully natured, quiet and affectionate horse who is happy to do anything with you and is easy to shoe and float. He is a tall leggy horse, with a kind expression and impressive floating paces.

Despite his laid back and relaxed disposition on the ground, under saddle he is nicely forwards thinking. His active way of going and his floating trot and uphill paces, make him destined to excel in the dressage arena, as you would expect from his breeding. 

The video of him jumping is from his first time up under saddle over the covered poles. He shows a nice attitude to the discipline and show plenty of scope. So he potentially could excel as an Eventer too.

WHF Santo Spirito’s sire, Sir Donnerhall has the ultimate dressage bloodlines, sired by champion dressage Stallion Sandro Hit out of a Donnerhall mare, combining arguably the best dressage bloodlines of the century. Stamped heavily by his sire, WHF Santo Spirito is definitely going to score well in the dressage arena.

His Dam TAE Caspia is a 3* Eventer, whose sire, warmblood Chico’s Boy not only won young Dressage tests and Jumping Classes; but has also bred both Grand Prix Dressage horses and Grand Prix Show Jumpers. He is recognised as one of the truly great multi-talented stallions, who is able to excel in both disciplines and sire progeny that go on to win in both disciplines. TAE Caspia’s mare line goes back to the great thoroughbred vain who has sired some of Australia’s best thoroughbred Eventers, known for their trainability. So Spike has plenty of potential as an Eventer too.






Competing EvA 95 ready to step up


Mature 17hh


19th December 2018


Sir Donnerhall


TAE Caspia – Chico’s Boy



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