Waiver of Liability & Release

Please read the following carefully.

I understand and acknowledge that:

  • Horse riding on a working farm is a dangerous activity and people can be injured doing it.
  • Horses can act in an unpredictable or changeable way especially if frightened or hurt. ?
  • Riding gear can break and fail.
  • The ground can be rough and uneven, especially after wet weather.
  • My horse could throw me or could brush me up against trees or other objects.
  • There are unfenced dams, creeks, fallen and falling trees on the property. ?
  • Machinery used on the property is potentially dangerous.
  • There are many other general dangers.
  • Injury or death may arise from these dangerous activities.

I agree that:

  • I ride and stay at the farm at my own risk.
  • The proprietor/ instructor and all other employees of The Animal Company Pty Limited are not liable for any injury, death, loss or damage which may occur to me or to my property during the time I spend on the property.
  • I ride horses whether such liability arises out of any express or implied term or at common law or in any other way.
  • I will pay due regard for the safety of other riders, employees and instructors.
  • I will always wear a safety helmet when riding and suitable clothing and riding boots.

I agree that while I am on the property I will not:

  • Take or use any drug except prescription drugs.
  • Drink alcohol before or during a horse ride.
  • Enter any enclosed paddock unless requested, directed or supervised by an employee or instructor.

All Riders must complete & submit the following:

Waiver of Liability & Release

Waiver of Liability & Release

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