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Rehabilitating a horse from injury or operation can be a time consuming and lengthy process. Here at Wallaby Hill we are fortunate enough to have several tools and facilities to ensure the best possible rehabilitation outcome. We understand that each horse’s will require tailor made rehabilitation program and are happy to work closely with your vet, farrier and any other practitioners. Alternatively we have a strong working relationship with the following, who visit Wallaby Hill regularly and help maintain our team of horses.

If you are interested in sending your horse for rehab, please get in touch so we can tailor a program for your horse.


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Horse Swim: 

  • 50m long horse swim
  • Rubber lined entrance & exit
  • Submerged rubber lining

Swimming horses is a great way to develop muscle tone and improve cardiovascular function and fitness, while keeping the horse’s weight off the legs and joints. It is an invaluable tool for both maintaing fitness in a well horse and increasing fitness in a recovering horse.

HorseGym Australia Aqua Gym: 

  • A great tool for maintaining fitness or aiding in rehabilitation after surgery/injury
  • Low impact way of building fitness or helping injured tendons, ligments and or muscles return to full work
  • The cold water reduces swelling and shin soreness

Gravity is neutralised by the water and muscles and joints are not exposed to the horsel’s full weight. At the same time, the water provides a soft resistance to increase the horse’s efforts and can be filled individually for each horse up to a level of 1.30m in 10cm increments, while the speed of the treadmill can be increased from a slow walk to a fast trot, ensuring a full body work out with minmal concussion and joint impact.

OTTO Sport Gallop Track: 

  • 1.24km Gallop Track
  • OTTO Sport perforated mats to minimise concussion and provide rebound along with skid resistance, combined with OTTO Sport ArenaTex surface ensuring surface stability.
  • The track has a couple of hills, one short and steep, if riding clockwise & one with a longer pull if riding anticlockwise.

Great for building fitness, whether doing fast sprint work or slower longer laps, the OTTO Sport surface minimises wear and tear on the horses joints. The steep hill even at a trot causes horses to blow and builds fitness quickly.


Round Yard: 

  • 20m diameter round yard
  • OTTO Sport perforated mats to minimise concussion and provide rebound along with skid resistance, topped with sand  ensuring a great surface stability.
  • Rubber lined sides providing protection for both horse & rider

Round yards are a great place to safely work horses, whether introducing young horses to ridden work, re-introduce horses to being back under saddle or just work them on an even and consistent circle & footing to see how they are progressing.


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