Outdoor Dressage Arena


  • 66 x 40m OTTO Sport surface, complete with mats.
  • Ebb & flow watering system
  • Heated viewing shelter
  • Mirrors
  • Sound System
  • Rates

    • $25 per Horse
    • $500 per Day
  • Safety

    All riders Must:

    • Sign Lesson Waivers
    • Wear approved helmets
    • Wear appropriate footwear
  • Waiver of Liability

    All riders must have completed the following Waiver of Liability before riding at Wallaby Hill


At Wallaby Hill we run events from EvA 95 to 3* and put a great deal of work into our cross country going.
In an effort to keep the event tracks as pristine as possible, after the event we take all our portable jumps off the course and put them in one well drained paddock to make cross-country training easier.
There are always roll tops,overs, tables, seats, off-set brushes, apexes, arrowheads, brush skinnies, stumps and much more to school over. In good weather the water jump is also available for schooling.
Jumps range from primarily from EvA95 to 3*, there are limited EvA 80 fences and no EvA 60cm.
  • Rates

    • $40 per Horse
    • $1000 per Day
  • Conditions

    To hire the cross country course, a rider must be NCAS Level I, or must be accompanied by an NCAS Level I General Coach who is current and insured.

  • Safety

    All riders must wear approved helmets & appropriate footwear

  • Waiver of liability

    All riders must have completed the following Liability Waiver before riding at Wallaby Hill