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Bols Clinic

Bols Clinic

ANNABEL cargill CLINIC 10TH JULY, 2019 Cross Country and Show Jump clinic at Wallaby Hill. Cross country groups of 5/6 – 2hrs – $90 pp inc facility hire Show jump groups 2/3 – 1hr – $90 pp inc facility hire   Book Online WAIVER OF...
Jump Club

Jump Club

WALLABY HILL JUMP CLUB Wallaby Hill Jump Club is designed to be a fun informal training day that runs smoothly and efficiently in a relaxed atmosphere. Riders are welcome to re-approach a jump should the first attempt not be successful but must be mindful that it is...


Equimotion THURSDAY 8TH AUGUST   Equi-Motion was founded by Emma Mathlin & Kristin Dean, experienced and passionate practitioners with qualifications in human & equine physiotherapy, exercise physiology, Clinical Pilates & biomechanics. We provide...
WHF Collin Frissell ‘Collin’

WHF Collin Frissell ‘Collin’

WHF Collin Frissell ‘Collin’ – POA WHF Collin Frissell’s while currently Eventing, is destined to be a show-jumper. He easily jumps 1.20m tracks and is completely unfazed by life, with a huge jump and unbelievable scope and a cruisey personality. His...
WHF Lyrical ‘Pimms’

WHF Lyrical ‘Pimms’

WHF Lyrical ‘Pimms’  WHF Lyrical, Pimms is an elegant horse with big elastic movement and a nice forward way of going on the flat. With a good jumping technique and great length of stride, Pimms is a great all round Eventer. Her willing attitude and easy going...



Please read the following carefully. I understand and acknowledge that:
• Horse riding on a working farm is a dangerous activity and people are injured doing it.
• Horses can act in an unpredictable or changeable way especially if frightened or hurt.
• Riding gear can break and fail.
• The ground can be rough and uneven especially after wet weather.
• My horse could throw me or could brush me up against objects or trees.
• There are unfenced dams, creeks, fallen and falling trees on the property.
• Machinery used on the property is dangerous.
• There are many other general dangers.
• Injury or death may arise from these dangerous activities.

I agree that:
• I ride and stay at the farm at my own risk.
• The proprietor/ instructor and all other employees of Wallaby Hill are not liable for any injury, death, loss or damage which may occur to me or to my property during the time I spend on the property and ride horses whether such liability arises out of any express or implied term or at common law or in any other way.
• I will pay due regard for the safety of other riders, employees and instructors.
• I will always wear a safety helmet when riding and suitable clothing and riding boots.

I agree that while I am on the property I will not:
• Take or use any drug except prescription drugs.
• Drink alcohol before or during a horse ride.
• Enter any enclosed paddock unless requested, directed or supervised by an employee or instructor.
• I take full responsibility for providing my own horse and equipment.
• I am responsible for the correct fitting and safety of my equipment.

I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the meaning of this form. I understand that by making a booking online or over the phone that I give a complete and unconditional release of all liability of the proprietors, instructors and employees of Wallaby Hill to the greatest extent possible under the law of New South Wales in the event I and/or the child mentioned above suffer any death, personal injury or loss or damage of possessions. I agree to indemnify the proprietors/ instructors and employees of Wallaby Hill against all claims made by any other person against the proprietors/ instructors and employees of Wallaby Hill in respect of any injury loss or damage arising out of or in connection with riding and being a guest on the farm. By making a booking I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to abide by all the conditions and requirements in this agreement.

• I take full responsibility for providing my own horse and equipment
• I take full responsibility for the correct fitting and safety of my equipment
• I consent to Wallaby Hill collecting and storing this information

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